The Journey Begins - A Journey soundtrack - by East Forest

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-  1 x 4 hour hour soundtrack 


  • Best in class musical guidance for psychedelic assisted therapy.
  • A musical containers which goes beyond a playlist to guide sessions with a cohesive arc from start to finish.
  • Download high Definition files at 320kbs.
  • Trusted by professionals and proven in thousands of Journeys 

Bonus: Includes private link to stream video of the live performance.  

What People Are Saying:

My dear friend and I rented a small Airbnb out in a beautiful part of the state. Equipped with our phone and our bluetooth speaker, we transformed the living room into a gorgeous ceremonial space with a view of the trees behind the apartment. It was so liberating and magical to do this ourselves with the support of guides and the connection to a larger group. Can't stop smiling! Thank you.

Anonymous Participant

I keep waiting to get tired of listening to East Forest - I have the entire library - and it has not happened - I find the music speaks to me in a way that very little else out there does.


Sometimes, not often, we find music that articulates something for us that we cannot articulate ourselves, which can be a deeply profound and healing experience. This has been my experience with these compositions.


You have genuinely some of the most refreshing and beautiful music I have ever heard. I have had countless hours of meditation to your albums. Thank you for being.


Thank you so much for sharing this music. You are one of the few artists that I have come across that truly inspires positivity in me.

Anonymous Participant

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